Albornoz Fortress

Albornoz Fortress

The fortress has not been built by the Cardinal Egidio Alvarez Carillo de Albornoz, as everyone thinks, but it was built by his successor Cardinal Angelico Grimoard between 1367 and 1371. The fortress is located within “parco della Resistenza” on the highest point (485 meters) of Urbino. This location allows you to see the city that is nestled among green hills and Apennine mountains which surround it. In 1673 the fortress was sold, along the adjoining field, to “Carmelitani Scalzi” friars of the nearby convent, (that convent is now the Fine Arts Academy headquarter) until 1799 when the fortress was rebuilt, for military needs, by the architect Vincenzo Nini.

During a recent restoration of this monument, was discovered a pathway door, through casino online which was possible to reach “Porta Valbona” and the Ducal Palace.

The fortress has a rectangular shape and it is provided of two semicircular towers in the inner side. The main entrance is located on the north side from which through a ramp leads to the terrace overlooking the city.

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Address – Viale Bruno Buozzi – URBINO (PU)