Bartolucci – Wooden toys and souvenir

Wooden toys for children and souvenir. A fairytale, a fantastic world, where to live ancient emotions and feelins, jokes and colors, rabbit-clocks and cat-lamps, rocking horses, old style cars and marionettes… everything hand-made and everything in wood.

Bartolucci - Wooden toys and souvenir urbino
The Bartolucci Company has always stood out for its high level of craftsmanship in woodworking and its interpretation of the fantastic world of animals. Throughout the years, the company has succeeded in establishing a production of original pieces of furniture for homes in general and for children’s rooms in particular. The animals, mostly pups and cubs, feature carefully designed facial expressions, with big baby eyes and a crafty look that make people laugh when they enter the shop – making them feel as if they were in the world of fairytales. Francesco pays particular attention to the facial expressions of the subjects he depicts. Smiling animals… drawn with just a few lines… big puppy eyes; it is very important that children recognize them immediately. Since a few years, in order to achieve this result Francesco is assisted by Darya Tsaptsyna, a draftswoman who works with him on the design of the new creations.

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