La Petite Madeleine Book Cafè

la petite madelein - urbino

La Petite Madeleine is a Book Cafè in the center of Urbino. Everything is accurately planned: international magazines, Wi-Fi connection, wide choice of books and wines. (more…)

Sugar Cafè Coffee Shop

sugar cafe - urbino

Sugar Cafè is a coffee shop and bar in Urbino, the ideal place for good breakfasts and plenty appetizers along with fine wines. (more…)

Caffè Basili Bar

caffè basili - urbino

Caffè Basili bar in Urbino, also known as “Central Bar” is located in Piazza della Repubblica. It is a stylish bar with large rooms ideal for breakfast, where a wide range of homemade pastries, sandwiches and ice creams are served any time of the day. (more…)

Caffè degli Archi Bar

bar caffetteria caffè degli archi - urbino

Caffè degli Archi is a bar in Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino, the center of university area. It is a nice place, with modern and original design loved by university students. (more…)

Caffè del Corso

caffe del corso - urbino

Caffè del Corso is in Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino. It is the right place for those people who want to have fun, listening the coolest music ever. Barmen serve a wide choice of amazing cocktails! (more…)

La Dolce Vita Club

la dolce vita - urbino

La Dolce Vita is a modern style club in the center of Urbino open to university students, tourists and all those people who want to have a good appetizer or enjoy a fun night. (more…)