Montefeltro Libri Bookshop

libreria montefeltro libri - urbino

Montefeltro Libri is a bookshop in Piazza della Repubblica, in the exclusive courtyard of Collegio Raffaello in Urbino. In this bookshop you will find all the latest releases and a lot of special deals. (more…)

CUEU Bookshop

libreria cueu - urbino

CUEU Bookshop is in Piazza Rinascimento, in the center of Urbino. This bookshop has a wide selection of academic, fiction and non-fiction books ranging from the classics to the latest releases. (more…)

il Portico Library

ristorante osteria il portico - urbino

The Portico is an innovative location because it changes itself from day to night. In the morning and in the afternoon it is a library, at lunch and dinner time, it is used as a restaurant and in the night becomes a very popular pub. (more…)

Libraccio di Miki Bookshop

il libraccio di Miki Urbino

The “Libraccio di Miki” is a bookshop specialized in buying and selling textbooks of the main universities of Urbino, such as: