Fano has always been connected to Rome by one of the main street of the Empire, the Via Flaminia. Fano was founded by the Umbrians and known by the Romans as “Fanum Fortunae” because of its temple dedicated to the goddess Fortuna (207 BC). In the Italian history of art, Fano has been registered for the first time during the Roman Empire of Augustus. In that period, was built the so-called Arch of Augustus and the Basilica by Marco Vitruvio Pollione, author of ‘De Architectura’. There are still many ruins of Roman period such as the original stronghold walls, built to defend the city. Fano has testimonies of many historical periods and many things to visit, the city tour can only start from the Arch of Augustus, and then continue to the Duomo, Santa Maria Nuova (by Raphael, Perugino and Giovanni Santi) and the Malatestiane’s Tombs at St. Francesco.

fano - September 20th squarefano - Arch of Augustus

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