Libraccio di Miki Bookshop

The “Libraccio di Miki” is a bookshop specialized in buying and selling textbooks of the main universities of Urbino, such as:

Libraccio di Miki Bookshop - Urbino Italy

  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Education Sciences
  • Economy
  • Political Science
  • Communication Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Pharmacy

The “Libraccio di Miki” bookshop sells new university textbooks and more than 7,000 used ones. It also sells rare out of print books. The “Libraccio di Miki” bookshop is also available for shipping services all over Italy.

info & contacts

Phone +39 0722 329064
Fax +39 0722 329064
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Address – Via Aurelio Saffi 74 – URBINO (PU)