Athelier Bartolini Art & Design Store

athelier bartolini urbino

Athelier Bartolini is a store of art and design in Via Vittorio Veneto just a few steps from Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino. In this store you will find pendants, necklaces, bracelets and special design objects for gift ideas. (more…)

Koala Curio Shop

koala negozio oggettistica - urbino

Koala Curio Shop is located in via Raffaello in Urbino. In this Curio Shop you will find many pleasant curiosities and rarities from all over the world. (more…)

La Botteguccia Souvenir Shop

la botteguccia negozio souvenir - urbino

La Boteguccia is a souvenir shop in via Puccinotti in front of the Urbino Cathedral. In this shop you will find T-shirts, teddy-bears, pencils, postcards, mugs, magnets and many other funny things. (more…)

Extrabilia Magic Shop

extrabilia negozio di magia - urbino

Extrabilia Magic Shop is along via Cesare Battisti in the center of Urbino. Extrabilia is a magic shop with accessories for entertainment and shows. You can find Italian Tarocchi cards, crystal balls, baloons, scene devices and many other things. (more…)

Trendy Home and Fashion Accessories Shop

trendy negozio moda e casa - urbino

Trendy Home and Fashion Accessories Shop is in Via Cesare Battisti in the center of Urbino. This shop provide a cozy and romantic atmosphere, femininity and taste accompany the customers in different environments. (more…)

Castelli in Aria Gift Shop

castelli in aria - negozio idee regalo - urbino

Castelli in Aria gift shop is a gift and souvenir shop located along via Raffaello, in the center of Urbino. All items sold in this shop are handcrafted and carefully selected in order to create an atmosphere of dream and fantasy. (more…)

Maestri d’Arte Ceramic Shop

bottega dei maestri d arte - urbino

Maestri d’Arte Ceramic Shop is an artistic ceramics shop in the center of Urbino, in front of the Ducal Palace. Urbino and Urbania have been the areas where, during the Renaissance, the best majolica were produced. (more…)

Bartolucci – Wooden toys and souvenir

negozio giocattoli in legno bartolucci a urbino

Wooden toys for children and souvenir. A fairytale, a fantastic world, where to live ancient emotions and feelins, jokes and colors, rabbit-clocks and cat-lamps, rocking horses, old style cars and marionettes… everything hand-made and everything in wood.